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Nanotechnology is an interdisciplinary science connecting the knowledge of hitherto existing achievements in the disciplines of Chemistry, Mechanics, Biology, Physics and Applied Information Technology. It covers research, uses materials whose dimensions are of a millionth of a mm and takes advantage of the fact that many different types of materials and ultra-small layers possess different properties than usual.

Nanotrading s.r.o is interested in the field of multiple applications of nanotechnology as one of the methods to deliver anti-bacterial, fungicidal and deodorising agents as well as granulates with antibacterial properties.

Our company utilises innovative programmes, which help using nanotechnology for practical purposes.

Based on our perfect staff of specialists in the field of applied nanotechnology, technical appliances as well as production capabilities we introduce patented technical solutions and processes which ensure a life of high quality. Thanks to the long-term experience and knowledge we want to develop our own and other projects, which will ensure us and our partners faster development in many fields of economy.

Nanotrading s.r.o

...from development to the final product, we will change the grey world